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A Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply Store

A Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply Store

A Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply StoreA Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply StoreA Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply Store

In 2014 Fetch RI's owner, Johnna, took a leap of faith and decided to follow her passion and combined her love for pets with holistic healing. The result is Fetch RI. We aren't your average pet store.   

Fetch RI is a holistic shop for dogs and cats owned by a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist.  We believe that balance is essential to the well-being, vitality and longevity of your pet. To put it another way, your pet can only be healthy if you satisfy the needs of their mind, body, spirit and environment. 

  • MIND: The puzzles and toys we carry provide mental stimulation for your pet and keeps their mind active and engaged.
  • BODY:  At Fetch RI, we carry treats and food that are made with superior ingredients and only those made in the USA.  We have a full line of vitamins, supplements, herbal preparations and natural options to meet all your needs.
  • SPIRIT: We also carry a vast array of products that enable you to exercise and play with your dog in an enjoyable way allowing them to spend time with their favorite friend (you!)
  • ENVIRONMENT: When you are happy, your pet is happy. We carry many options to help you -  including no-pull harnesses to make walks more enjoyable, a variety of raw, meaty bones to occupy your pup when you need to complete a task, all-natural insect repellents and so much more!

Let us be the resource you turn to while navigating your pet's holistic path towards 

well-being, vitality, & longevity!



 A maintained state of health where all checks and balances among interdependent elements of 

mind, body, and spirit are functioning harmoniously.

(as defined by Gregory Tilford in From Earth to Herbalist)