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A Holistic Pet Boutique & Supply Store

When you invest in your pet's health & wellness,  EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Fetch RI's owner is a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist. 

Products must meet her very selective, specific criteria - 

The Fetch RI Standard: Holistic, Quality Pet Nutrition

We've done the research, so you don't have to. 

The Fetch RI Standard:

1. Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

Yes, they are this important.

All digestible products carried at Fetch RI must be:

~Free of artificial ingredients

~Free of chemical preservatives

~Free of Wheat

~Free of Corn

~Free of Soy

~Free of Propolene Glycol

~Free of plastic (even-food grade)

2. Quality is Equally Important

Ingredients may pass the test - but if the quality of those ingredients are sub-par, you've gained nothing.

Fetch RI researches all products to ensure a superior level of quality required for inclusion in our Store.

3. Where It's Made

Any digestible product carried at Fetch RI is 

Made in the USA.